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Calibrated Anemometers

Our Anemometers are laboratory wind tunnel calibrated to UKAS ISO 17025
This ensures that you know the exact wind speeds at your event.

Automated Alerts

Custom automated alerts to multiple mobile phone numbers. Alerts can be set for multiple wind speeds in line with your wind speed plan.

LoRa Mesh Network

Whole site coverage is provided by our custom built LoRa (Long Range Radio) Mesh Network which transmits the data accross the site to our server where it is uploaded to the cloud via Starlink satelite internet.

Our system is not reliant on WiFi or Mobile networks.

TenEyes Wind Nodes

Each Wind Node includes an anemometer, a wind vane, a LoRa mesh radio transceiver, a battery pack and a solar panel.
They are designed to fit on to the top of a standard scaffold pole. If freestanding then we ususally use a 21 foot pole. If attached to a structure the anemometer should be at least 1m above any cladding.

TenEyes Wind Rose

We use a graphic tool called a wind rose to give a succinct view of how wind speed and direction are distributed at a particular location. The frequency of winds over a time period is plotted by wind direction, with colour bands showing wind speed ranges. The direction of the longest spoke shows the wind direction with the greatest frequency.


Collects, correlates, and visualizes data with beautiful dashboards — Grafana, the open source data visualization and monitoring solution that drives informed decisions, and enhances performance.

Wind Data

The wind database and Grafana instance are hosted on our server onsite and mirrored in the cloud.
Providing seamless access at all times.

Login to the live dashboard

Click here to access our live Grafana dashboard.

If you don't have the login details, please contact your manager or TenEyes using the contact details below.

System Hire

Short, medium and long term hires available for small or large anemometer systems anywhere in the UK with 24/7 remote technical support, onsite support, install and takedown.
Contact us for more information and a quote

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